College Tools

McGraw Hill

Transform your study experience with College Tools and McGraw Hill.
McGraw Hill SmartAssignments for Books are a type of educational technology tool that helps students and teachers connect learning materials with assessments and assessments. They provide a personalised learning experience by combining textbook content with interactive, adaptive practice problems and assessments. With this tool, students can practice and assess their understanding of key concepts, while teachers can monitor their progress and adjust their teaching based on the results.

How do I use College Tools with McGraw Hill?

1. Follow Quick start steps

2. Run the extension

If you're unable to locate the College Tools icon on the website while using it, simply refresh the page and it should appear.
Once inside the McGraw Hill assignment click on the College Tools icon and automatically the program will select the correct answer.
As can be seen the extension automatically selected the correct answer for the user.

McGraw Hill Integration:

  • Smart readings/ smart book