Camouflage Mode

Activate Camouflage Mode to make the College Tools popup more discreet. This feature ensures the popup blends subtly with the website, making it less noticeable to others around you.

  1. Navigate to Settings: Select the 'Settings' option from the main menu.

  2. Enable Camouflage Mode: In the Settings screen, locate and turn on the 'Camouflage Mode' toggle


  1. Access Settings: Open the College Tools extension and navigate to the 'Settings' section.

  2. Activate 'Hide College Tools Box' & Camouflage Mode: Turn on these options for enhanced discretion.

When using Blackboard, our software can be discreetly activated by clicking on the points element of a question. With Stealth Mode and these settings enabled, the extension functions without drawing attention. Simply interact with the points element, and College Tools will silently work in the background. The correct answer is automatically selected, leaving no visual trace of the extension's use, ensuring a seamless and discreet academic assistance experience.

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