This feature makes it easy to get fast, accurate answers to any multiple-choice or open-ended question, even when highlighting text is blocked. This innovative feature allows users to take a snapshot of any question and get the answer in our extension popup.

This feature is especially useful on websites where text highlighting is blocked or not possible

Follow this steps to use it:

  1. Click on the Screenshot button in the College Tools' chrome extension.

  2. Choose Screenshot Mode

    • Vision Mode: Select this mode if you need answers for graph and image-based questions. It’s tailored to analyze and interpret visual information.

    • General Mode: Use this mode for capturing text-based questions. It’s optimized for textual content analysis.

  3. Your mouse cursor will transform into a screenshot tool, giving you the ability to select the exact part of the webpage that contains the question you want to capture with a screenshot.

  4. Once you have selected the question you want to answer, release the mouse button and our software will present you with the correct answer in a popup window.

Other Ways of Activating Screenshot Feature

In addition to the screenshot button, College Tools Chrome Extension offers alternative methods for activating the screenshot tool:

  • Right-Click Access: Right-click on any webpage to access the screenshot feature directly from the context menu.

  • Keyboard Shortcut: Use the shortcut Option + Shift + 1 on your keyboard.

    • To customize this shortcut, go to Settings > Extensions > Keyboard Shortcuts in your Chrome browser.

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